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Field Spaniel Society of America Youth Handlers

The Field Spaniel is a well balanced, substantial hunter companion of medium size, built for activity and endurance in heavy cover and water. The Field Spaniel demeanor ranges from reserved to frolicsome to downright impish depending on the setting and circumstances. Fields need to be a useful member of the family and may be trained for the show ring, to work as a hunter, obedience or agility dog, in tracking, as a therapy dog or as a loving companion.  Fields are a perfect companion for children and teenagers to play with, work with and learn from.

FSSA offers programs to help youth (up to their 18th birthday) become recognized talented handlers and great field spaniel companions.

FSSA Junior Handler Program Summary

Updated February 8, 2018

Juniors’ Committee is to oversee junior programs and create new programs. As with all club committees the board will appoint a “Chair” for the juniors committee. As of March 8th 2018 the committee members will include:
1. Jessica Thibault (Committee Chair)
2. Danielle Brewer
3. Karmen Angoli

Purpose of the Junior Handler Program:
The primary purpose of a program for Junior Members is to encourage and expand younger generations’ ongoing interest in Field Spaniels, and thereby to help to ensure the future preservation and welfare of our breed.

  • To provide for the FSSA a comprehensive set of programs that encourage Junior Handlers to compete with their Field Spaniels in various activities.
  • To promote educational challenges that encourages each junior to become well-rounded in their knowledge of our breed in particular and dogs in general.

FSSA fund specific to Junior Handlers will be managed by the FSSA treasurer.

Junior Handler Fund will be listed on the FSSA dues statements each year for voluntary donation with membership renewals.

  1. Field Spaniel award for Top Junior (www.caninechronicles.com) 1/1 to 12/31 - Annual perpetual trophy and smaller keepsake trophy to be awarded. Rosette to be awarded and funded by the FSSA.
  2. FSSA Junior Stipend Application-Up to $500 if qualifications are met per the Stipend form.
  3. FSSA Top Performance Junior Handler- Annual perpetual trophy and smaller keepsake trophy to be awarded. Rosette to be awarded and funded by the FSSA.
  4. FSSA Total Junior Handler Award- Inclusion on FSSA’s official “Total Junior List” (similar to Hall of Fame or ROM) and small commemorative plaque. Rosette to be awarded and funded by the FSSA.

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