FSSA Awarded Good Dog Grant

The Field Spaniel Society of America was awarded The Good Dog Grant.  Grant recipients earn $2000.00 and are allowed to display The Good Dog badge on their website. Good Dog Grants have been used by Clubs to fund breed-specific health research, [...]

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Judging the Field Spaniel

(Showsight Magazine, 2013)Nichole Dooley Bunch, SandsCape Field SpanielsA few years ago I wrote an article for the last Showsight Field Spaniel Breed Feature. This article was titled “The Field Spaniel – From the Breeders Eye”. It was a brief lesson in moderation [...]

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The Field Spaniel – From the Breeders Eye

(Showsight Magazine, 2011) Nichole Dooley, SandsCape Field Spaniels Because of the integrity of the breeders, the Field Spaniel is still a breed that can function as it was intended.  The dogs that you see in the show ring are the same [...]

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