Field Spaniel Society of America

The Field Spaniel Society of America was awarded The Good Dog Grant.  Grant recipients earn $2000.00 and are allowed to display The Good Dog badge on their website. Good Dog Grants have been used by Clubs to fund breed-specific health research, sponsor Club National Specialities and other events, subsidize health testing for Club members, create breed-specific educational materials, and much more!



We give breeders the recognition and support you deserve so you can spend more time focusing on what matters most – your dogs! Our breeders receive a full-page Good Dog profile, certified Good Breeder Badge, 24/7 website support and time-saving litter, waitlist management  and record-keeping tools, access to our Legal Resource Center (with sample contracts), discounts on health testing, access to our secure, guaranteed payment solution created specifically for breeders and your puppy buyers, and more. Good Dog is entirely free for  breeders who pass our screening (breeders can't pay to join. Buyers who use secure payments through Good Dog pay a reasonable service & protection fee, which helps us run Good Dog, vet and support breeders, provide education, protect payments, and keep it free for breeders who already invest so much in their dogs. 


Breeders are superheroes of the dog world. Without you, the breeds we love so much wouldn't exist. We advocate for you and educate the public so they too realize the future of the dog world depends on you and that everyone, especially dogs, will be better off if we support dog breeders  and recognize your contributions to society. We're a place for all dogs because we want to help everyone find the right dog for them – we provide education on topics such as the difference between a purebred, crossbred, and mixed breed and breed standards and help the public make informed decisions. 


We're bringing together world-renowned canine experts to create a community centered on facts, science, evidence-based research, and collaboration. Our Screening & Standards Team, led by Dr. Judi Stella (Phd) uses a holistic approach and breed-specific health testing levels and requirements to evaluate breeding programs. We provide breeder education, with webinars on canine reproduction from experts like Dr. Robert Hutchison, a podcast, The Good Dog Pod, hosted by Laura Reeves of Pure Dog Talk, free courses from our partners like Dr. Gayle Watkins of Avidog, and our materials in our Good Breeder Center. Good Dog's Health & Research Foundation also facilitates and funds research and education to improve canine health, at the population, breed and individual levels. Our community standards are evolving as cutting-age canine research continues to provide powerful new insights into how to have healthier dogs. We encourage you to keep sharing your feedback with us and asking questions because that’s how we’ll get this right – by working together. 

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