Field Spaniel Society of America - Calendar

1 Club Official Year begins

  • Elected officers/directors assume office
  • Dues are due and payable by this date
  • Possible to convert individual, household, and foreign memberships on this date to regular memberships with Board approval
  • Board appoints delegate (Biannually in even years)
During the Month Board appoints standing committees and chairs

  • Newsletter published
  • AKC Meet the Breeds booth in New York
1 First overdue charge for late dues

  • Purchase AKC Conformation reports
1 Membership considered lapsed if dues unpaid - Board may opt to continue for 90 days.

  • Second overdue charge for late dues
  • List of eligible judges for National Specialty (Biannually in even years)
  • Ballots for judges sent to members (Biannually in even years)
  • Newsletter published
During the Month Eukanuba Meet The Breeds booth
1 Club fiscal year begins

  • First day to nominate Service Dog of the Year
15 Ballots for National judges must be postmarked by this date
During the Month Request AKC Good Sportsman award if desired

  • Donation made to American Dog Show Judges Advanced Institute, if approved by board
28 Last day to nominate Service Dog of the Year
1 Persons joining after this date owe ½ dues

  • Persons whose membership was continued December 1 considered lapsed if dues still unpaid
  • Newsletter published
15 Nominating Committee chosen by the Board
15 Corresponding Secretary must mail names/states and statements of qualifications of nominees to members by this date
15 Petitions for additional nominations from the floor must be postmarked by this date
31 The board must set dues for upcoming year by this date
1 Persons joining after this date must pay full dues but they are considered paid for the following year

  • If additional nominations have been received, Corresponding Secretary must mail ballot including names/states of all nominees together with statements of qualifications
  • Newsletter published
1 Ballots for election of officers/directors must be postmarked by this date