January 24 2020

Field Spaniel Society of America
Board of Directors

Re: AKC Outstanding Sportsmanship Award

To Whom It May Concern:

I am very pleased to nominate Tom and Nancy Redmon to be the FSSA’s recipient of the AKC Outstanding Sportsmanship Award.  I have known Tom and Nancy for at least 15 years. Throughout that time, they have faithfully epitomized sportsmanship.  They love and support all things Field Spaniel.  

They have traveled thousands of miles in order to attend the club’s annual national specialties as well as many supported entries and local events.  They care not if the Field Spaniel is a puppy, an adult in his/her prime, or a veteran.  They care not if the dog is competing in the show ring, the performance ring, or simply visiting as a pet.  They care about Field Spaniels.  To Tom and Nancy, each and every Field Spaniel is lovely, loving, and a talented dog.  They let each dog and owner they encounter know that.  

Tom and Nancy provide their own Field Spaniels and other pets with the very best care and an enriched life.  Not the typical puppy buyers, Tom and Nancy are much more likely to adopt a retired dog and give that dog a new purpose.  Their personal dog sport passion is that of tracking.  Tom works with his local dog training club to train their own dogs and introduce others to the sport.  He piloted their dog “Con” (CH Blackbrier’s Brecon TDX) to his TD and TDX.  

Tom and Nancy have been good supporters of the FSSA with donations made to national specialties, helping out when called upon, and sharing their stories and joy with the events’ participants.  Nancy has served the club as the person who coordinates the annual FSSA Service Dog award.  

Honest.  Sincere.  Happy to be here.  Love all dogs equally.  Sees the best in all.  These are all character traits we should desire in ourselves.  Tom and Nancy Redmond embody these traits and the FSSA and Field Spaniels are all the better because of them.


Sheila Miller