Fields carry less coat than the other spaniel breeds, and one kept as a pet requires little grooming. Besides being cleaned and brushed, all Field Spaniels need their toenails, the hair between the pads of their feet, and the hair inside their ears clipped. The pad and ear clipping is not only more attractive, but the shorter hair dries more quickly, which helps prevent the development of eczema.

Field Spaniels that are shown require more grooming. When presented to the dog show judge, a well-groomed Field should look natural. Clippers are used only on the head and the front of the neck, and any other grooming is done with thinning shears and stripping knives.

For more in-depth instructions on grooming your Field Spaniel see our article Kylie’s Pictorial Guide to Grooming for Field Spaniels by Kylie Jo Hirschy-Seivert