2022 Service Dog of the Year

CH Wyldkatz Beyond The Night Sky SH OA NAJ AXP OJP NFP SCA SIA SEN CGC TKN (Hubble)
Owner: Nancy Bata

Hubble was certified as a Therapy Dog just after turning two years old. Over the past 6 years, he has visited memory care units, assisted care units and Senior Living apartments. But his gift as a Therapy Dog soon became clear. College students are his jam.

While visiting different colleges over the years, he has helped students with the stress of Midterms, Finals and monthly Wellness Wednesdays. He also regularly attends their Christmas Parties and Welcome Back to School weeks. During his visits, his favorite part is when students surround him on the floor so he can hop from one lap to the next. When a new person joins the circle, he never forgets to greet them. Hubble seems to mirror the students needs, If they are stressed out, he’s fine with a calming petting session. He helps them out when they are missing their own pets at home. He loves when he hears the students say “Hubble is here!” His ears perk up and immediately scans the room looking for his fans. Once their eyes connect, his tail wags so fast with the joy of seeing his friends. As the years have a past, he’s made many friends. College students graduate and move on with their lives, but that means another class of students will be there in the Fall.

Hubble has also volunteered time at a Youth Outdoor Day. He was an ambassador as a Hunting Dog, Scentwork Dog and of course, Therapy Dog.
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