FSSA Advanced Performance Achievement Award (APA)

Purpose: To recognize achievement that goes substantially beyond basic titling in AKC performance events. This program does not replace the ROM but serves to recognize outstanding achievement in a particular performance area, which may or may not lead to a ROM award. These awards will be periodically evaluated, and requirements may be adjusted as sports continue to evolve or new events are added by AKC.

  1. One award per dog in an individual advanced AKC performance area.
  2. A dog may be awarded separately in more than one AKC performance area.
  3. The award will be a small plaque inscribed with the dog’s name, year, and the award.
  4. The award will be issued to one primary owner in the case of a dog with multiple owners.
  5. While an owner/co-owner may use the APA designation for club publications, advertisements, or personal publications, this designation is not eligible to be included as part of an official AKC entry or published in any official AKC catalog.

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Eligibility: Any Field Spaniel owned or co-owned by a member in good standing of the FSSA is eligible.

In initial implementation, awards will be issued retrospectively to dogs born in 2010 or later. A dog who has previously achieved the ROM in a specific area may apply for the APA award during this initial implementation period.

  • Example: Your dog has earned an ROM-Field work; your dog then earns the MHA (Master Hunter Advanced); you may apply for the APA Field work. This award system breaks out those individual areas that go together in achieving the ROM-Eventing. You may apply in each category in which your dog achieves APA minimum requirements.
  • After the 2024 awards banquet, the option of retrospective application for an APA award will not apply.


  1. Application must be made and submitted to the FSSA Awards Chairperson by an owner or co-owner who is a member in good standing of the FSSA.
    • The most current approved APA award form must be used.
    • Photocopy of AKC title certificate must be attached if available.
    • If AKC title certificate is not available, the award may be validated by submitting a printout of the online AKC title record for the dog.
    • Award application must be made a minimum of 3 months prior to the date of the annual awards banquet.
    • The awards chairperson is not responsible to seek out dogs who qualify for an award.
    • An award will be issued to the primary owner in the case of a dog with multiple owners. For purposes of this award, the primary owner will be identified on the application.
    • In the event of duplicate applications for the same award be submitted by co-owners, the Awards Chairperson will request that a copy of the AKC registration be sent; the award will default to the person listed first. The FSSA is not responsible for disputes among co-owners.
    • Award achievement will be validated using the titles report issued by AKC OR by inclusion of a photocopy of the AKC official title certificate. Awards will not be made without validation.
  1. Awards will be distributed yearly in conjunction with the annual awards banquet of the FSSA.
  2. If the award cannot be picked up in person or be a designated individual, the primary owner may pay for mail delivery via USPS.
  3. A list of dogs who receive an APA award will be maintained and updated yearly by the awards chairperson.

Performance areas & minimum Requirements

Area Abbreviation Minimum Requirements
Agility APA-AG Any one: Agility Excellent level title in Regular OR preferred.
Barn Hunt APA-BH Any one: Senior level title OR Crazy Eights Bronze title
Coursing Ability APA-CA CAX (Coursing Ability Excellent) title
Dock Diving APA-DD Any one: Senior level title in distance jump OR hydrodash OR Air Retrieve
Fast CAT APA-FC FCAT titling
Hunt Test APA-HT Senior Hunter (SH_)
Obedience APA-OB CDX or PCDX (Companion Dog Excellent or Preferred CDX)
Rally APA-RY RE (Rally Excellent) title
Scentwork APA-SW SWE (Overall Excellent Level title) OR any Master Element title
Therapy Dog APA-TH THD (Therapy Dog)
Tracking APA-TR Either one: TDX (Tracking Dog Excellent) or VST (Variable Surface Tracker) title
Trick Dog APA-TD TKP Trick Dog Performer title

If title certificate is not available to photocopy to validate application, a copy of the online AKC record is acceptable. To retrieve this record, follow these steps:

  1. AKC home page menu – select “Products & Services”
  2. Select “Products”
  3. Select “AKC competitor reports”; at this point you will be asked to sign into your AKC account of continue as guest.
  4. Select “Individual dog points progression”
  5. Select “Find a dog”. It is easiest to search by registration number.
  6. Click on the dog’s name and on the right side of the screen, then choose “View points/summary of title progression”.
  7. Print the summary shown to validate a title for the application.