Field Spaniel Society of America - Club History

FSSA History
History of FSSA

In June 1978, 17 Field Spaniel fanciers gathered in Ohio to form the Field Spaniel Society of America. By 1988, the Club received American Kennel Club sanctioned status thereby becoming officially recognized by the AKC as the Parent Club for the breed. Further progress in the development of the Club led to achievement of licensed status through the AKC, paving the way for the first national specialty show to be held in 1991.

Since that time, the Field Spaniel Society of America has been elected as a member club within the structure of the American Kennel Club, and currently has a delegate to represent the best interest of the Field Spaniel as a breed and the Field Spaniel Society of America, Inc. as an organization at the quarterly delegates meeting of the American Kennel Club. The FSSA is currently approved to hold AKC conformation shows, obedience trials and tracking tests.

As of November 2002, the club provides services to over 150 members in the U.S., plus several Canadian and overseas members.