Whether you just want to hunt for fun or compete in hunt tests, the sport of hunting upland game birds is a great way to spend time enjoying the outdoors with your dog. If competing with your dog is your choice, there are numerous flushing spaniel clubs that sponsor AKC hunt tests and also Working Dog tests for beginners. Click here for more information on AKC Hunt Tests.

In the Hunt Test there are three levels of competition. The Junior level tests the dogs’ instinctive ability to find, flush and retrieve birds to its handler showing interest in a pleasing manner.

The second level is Senior, requiring the dog to respond to the handlers commands quickly and deliver birds to hand on land and from water.

The third level is Master which requires dog and handler to work as a team to achieve the highest levels of competition offered in the hunt test for flushing spaniels.

The Working Dog test, although not an AKC event is sponsored by the Parent clubs of flushing spaniels. This test helps the handler and dog to work together in hopes of moving onto AKC hunt test events. It requires dog to find, flush and retrieve upland birds according Parent clubs requirements for their breed.

The tradition of upland game hunting as been handed down for generations through the breeding of flushing spaniels. In the past, Field Spaniels have been a rarely seen treasure in the field. Today, they are gaining in popularity, as hunters begin to discover the joys of this delightful hunter/companion. The instinctive abilities to hunt are still strong in the breed, as shown in the many hunting titles held by Field Spaniels that have had the opportunity to compete in this wonderful sport.