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Reservations Close on June 20, 2022

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No RV requests will be accepted AFTER June 20, 2022.  Vehicles in the park before Wednesday 8-15-22, if not in their assigned parking spot or power ped will be moved on Wednesday, August 17, 2022. RV parking will be at the direction of the GKC Parking staff, the Show Committee or its Designees.   

Overnight parking will be available beginning at Noon on Monday, August 15, 2022.  Anyone parking prior to or after August 22, 2022 will need to pay an additional fee to the City of Greeley per day (check-in at Island Grove Regional Park Outrider Building, "D" Street (Monday thru Thursday). You will be asked to move if not in your reserved spot on August 17, 2022, with the exception of National Specialties who have made arrangements with the GKC for extended RV parking. 

No overnight parking in the park without a paid fee and RV overnight parking is a privilege not a right. 

    • No parking refund requests after the FSSA closing date of June 20, 2022. Requests may be made by email before that date to fssatreasurer@yahoo.com.
    • All set-up must be in your assigned 50' x 20' site or space marking. No double-parking outside of a site for Fire Safety.
    • Request for 50 Amp power at sites are based on availability on the date your request is received. If we are out of 50 Amp RV sites you will be placed in a 30 Amp RV site.
    • Any vehicle with a slide-out must have cones or color tubes attached and provided by owner, placed beneath the slide-outs for safety.
  • All RV sites on grass are 50 Amp plugs, so bring your adaptor 50/30, if needed. You must supply your own adapter
    • If Parking after closing date without a reservation, you will be assigned to RV sites when you arrive at the park in Lots "B" and "F" with 30 amp plugs or other site if available.
  • All RV sites on the grass oval are 50' long x 20' width with 50amp plugs. These prime sites must be reserved for Wednesday August 18th through Sunday August 21st 
  • All units must be self-contained. Exhibitors will be responsible for clean-up of their areas before leaving RV site. 
  • No discharge of grey water or sanitary tanks is permitted at sites. An RV dump site is available on the park grounds north of the Stampede Arena.  
  • You are responsible for securing your RV site each day (Cones, tables, etc). If you choose to pull-in and out of that RV site.
  • Requests for specific RV sites are based on availability at the time requests are received.
  • RV rigs coming to these shows with friends can move around within their assigned RV spaces only. You must notify parking staff at the check-in gate of your move for emergency contacts.
  • RV longer than 50 feet will need to pay for two sites.  
  • No double-parking at RV sites for Fire Safety as directed by Greeley Fire Marshal. Loading & Unloading is acceptable.

General Auto Parking Instructions



The Main Entrance into the Show Grounds will be off of 11th Avenue & D Street (14th Avenue will be closed at the park entrance from the south from Monday through Tuesday morning, August 15 - 23, 2022). All parking site are first-come, first-served in all parking lots, there will be no roping off of spaces or using cones to reserve spaces in day parking sites.

Loading & Unloading Sites: 20 Minute Time Limit as in the past years. Leave your emergency flashers on while you are loading or unloading. Sites will be marked with signage for the loading & unloading sites on the show site, both Grass & Reserved and Free Grooming Buildings. Do not park in the No Parking, Fire Lanes, in front of Fire Hydrants or Reserved RV Parking sites or your vehicle may be ticketed or towed at the owner's expense.

(ADA) Handicap parking will be located on the south and north sides of the Reserved Grooming/Exhibition Building. All Vehicles must have up to date mirror tags or license plates for all ADA parking spaces on the grounds of Island Grove Regional Park. Some Island Grove Regional Park staff parking will all so be on the south & north side of Exhibition Building with IGRP mirror tags and loading & unloading sites. 

Free Day Parking: The paved lot south of the Arena/Stadium (approx one block east of the Events Center) is available for free day parking. There are no electrical hookups in this lot. Additional day parking is available on the south side of "D" Street back east to the playground. Parking sites marked with green signs for Day parking may be used, But the oval grass RV sites are not for day parking without a site permit, sites for RV's are marked on the asphalt with paint in 50' increments with a white slash of paint next to the grass and marked with letter ( C,D or E) - numeral 1 thru 30. (sample would be C -8) or West of the Buildings parking RV lot "A" with permit number or North of the Free Grooming/ Livestock Building Parking RV Lot "B", Lots "A" and "B" are marked with white chalk lined with letters and numbers.  If you park in an RV site, No Parking, Fire Lanes or in front of a Fire Hydrants your vehicle will be ticketed or towed at your/owner's expense.

Officials Parking: Judges, AKC Staff and GKC Show Committee parking is located on the West and South side of the Group and BIS/Event Center Building. Permit can be pick-up at the RV check-up and good for the week. Stewards for GKC may pick-up Permit for parking in the west Lot "A" at RV parking check-in if your name is on the Chief Ring Stewards list at the gate, please don't park in RV sites marked in Lot "A".

The Greeley Kennel Club assumes no responsibility for personal injury or death of any person; theft, injury or death of any animal; or damage to or loss of any property while at or on the show grounds, or transit to or from the show.


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