National Winners 2003

 Dog Winners

  • Puppy 6 - 9 Mos.
    1. Nautica's Wheeler Dream Dancer, M Shields/D Brewer
    2. Promenade Punchline, J Kellar-Schildman/W Schildman Iii
    3. Promenade Perfect Gentleman, J Kellar-Schildman/W Schildman Iii
  • Puppy 9 - 12 Mos.
    1. Gooseberrys More Than Enough, S Fernau
    2. Arborfield Back Atcha, K Cartwright
    3. Gooseberry T' World Isn't Enug, S Fernau/W Overholt
    4. Gooseberry's Tough Enough TD, T Middleton
  • 12 - 18 Mos.
    1. Overlook's Wide Open Spaces, R Mittendorf/D Howard/H Howard/N Mittendorf
    2. Capriole's Sharp Dressed Man, K Klein
    3. Northaven Avalyde Honest Abe, M Reed/S Stebbins
    4. Catera's With A Little Luck, V Hutchings
  • Bred By Exhibitor
    1. Calico's If Looks Could Kill, K Hirschy
    2. Maplesugar Eclipse N'Motion, S O'Brien/C Benedict
  • Open
    1. Overlook's Let Er Rip, L Holmes/I Holmes W
    2. Gooseberry's Thunder Rolls, S Fernau/J Fleming RW
    3. Ainsley That's My Boy, J Smiley/J Smiley
    4. Kingsmead WR Matcho Natcho, K Ahrens-Johnson/P Johnson

    Bitch Winners

  • Puppy 6 - 9 Mos.
    1. Nautica's It's All About Me, P Brewer/D Brewer RW
    2. Promenade Private Dancer, J Kellar-Schildman/W Schildman
    3. Nautica's Siren Song, C Dooley/D Brewer
    4. Arborfield Eclipseoftheheart, K Cartwright
  • Puppy 9 - 12 Mos.
    1. Gooseberry's Enough About Me, A Cohen
  • 12 - 18 Mos.
    1. Kaleidoscope's Deep Blue Sea, P Williams
    2. Overlook's Top Of The World, T Croft/B Croft
    3. Arborfld Better Late Than Never, N Redmon/T Redmon/K Cartwright
    4. Freedom's Holiday Spirit, L Blaser/G Mitzenheim
  • Bred By Exhibitor
    1. Kaleidoscope's Rising Sun, P Williams BW, W
    2. Nautica's Red Hot Gossip, D Brewer/L Young
    3. Arborfield She's All That, K Cartwright
    4. Maplesugar Eireanne, C Benedict
  • American Bred
    1. Maplesugar Evening Primrose, C Benedict
  • Open
    1. W-Haven Shenandoah Sadie Love, D Love/J Love
  • Non-Reg Veteran, Dogs Non-Reg Veteran VET7TO9
    1. CH Hilltops Avalyde Jolly Roger , J Andrews/J Andrews
    2. CH CT Calico's Hot Pursuit Del Prado Can TDX, B Wolkenheim/E Presnall
    3. Maplesugar A Wish Come True, K Balinski
    4. CH Maplesugar B Poetry N Motion , S O'Brien
  • Non-Reg Veteran VET10
    1. CH Lydemoor Lincoln CD, M Reed
  • Non-Reg Veteran, Bitches Non-Reg Veteran VET7TO9
    1. CH C'Rose Flying High At Waterfield , S Herweyer BOB
    2. CH Blackbrier's Hidden Treasure , K Morgan/C Bunkelman
    3. CH Calico's Stuck With You CDX OA NAJ, K Hill
  • Non-Reg, Hunting, Dogs
    1. Calico's Child's Play CD SH, K Hirschy
    2. CH Tew-Tyne Tanner CD SH NA OAJ, S Myers
  • Non-Reg, Hunting, Bitches
    1. CH Calico's Demolition Derby UDX SH, B Wolkenheim

Junior Showmanship - Mr. K H Delaney
Number of Entries: 2 Number of Competitors: 2

  • Novice Junior
    1. 1st Caitlin Dooley, Field Spaniel
  • Novice Senior
    1. Rebecca MacDonald, Field Spaniel

Obedience - Mr. K H Delaney
Number of Entries: 12 Number of Competitors: 12

  • Highest Scoring Dog in Regular Classes
    1. Util B, CH Calico's Demolition Derby UDX SH Field Spaniel B Wolkenheim
  • Novice A Mr. K H Delaney (3 ent)
    1. CH Calico's American Beauty TD, Field Spaniel K Balinski pts 188.0
  • Novice B Mr. K H Delaney (3 ent)
    1. CH Calico's Lamfhada , Field Spaniel M Dameron pts 186.5
    2. CH Nightwing's Talk'n Pursuit , Field Spaniel C Goodell pts 180.0
    3. CH Tew-Tyne Tanner CD SH NA OAJ, Field Spaniel S Myers
  • Open B Mr. K H Delaney (2 ent)
    1. CH Calico's Queen Of The Road CD, Field Spaniel B Hirschy/K Hirschy pts 192.0
  • Utility B Mr. K H Delaney (1 ent)
    1. CH Calico's Demolition Derby UDX SH, Field Spaniel B Wolkenheim pts 193.0

Award of Merit

  • CH Hilltop's, Avalyde Jolly Roger
  • CH Waterfield's, Mad About You
  • CH Marshfield's, Boy's Night Out

4th National Tracking Dog Test

Tracking Dog Test - April 30, 2003 - Waunakee, WI

Judges: Mrs. T B Everwine and Ed Presnall

CH Calico's American Beauty TD, Field Spaniel
K Balinski

Courbette's Curtain Call TD, Pomeranian
V Leitner

CH Encanto Brilhante Esperanza CDX AX AXJ TD, Portuguese Water Dog
D Zorn

Fireside Ghostbuster JH TD, Golden Retriever
M Gabriel

CH Kendall's Spice Girl TD, Irish Water Spaniel
R Bruskiewitz


CH Calico's American Beauty TD
Karen Balinski

A note from Judge Terri Everwine

I had the pleasure of judging the Field Spaniel Society of America TD test today. The test was held at Governor Nelson State Park just outside of Madison, WI.

My co judge was Ed Presnall, himself owner of Race, the CT Field spaniel. It was sad to see only one Field entered in the test, but nice that the test was open to all breeds, enabling 4 additional dogs of other breeds to earn their titles today. It's always wonderful to have numerous passes, and 5 of 6 passed today!

This is a new area for tracking tests, and is a site with rolling hills and varied cover. The cover looks as tho it could be rough going by fall, but for spring it was lovely. All tracks could be accessed off the main or the park road. From the interior portion of the park, a beautiful view of Lake Mendota and the capitol building in Madison made it a lovely venue.

Our first to draw, the Field Spaniel, drew track 1. The dog started nicely, worked her way almost to the second corner and spent a few minutes investigating to either side of the track before continuing on to find her glove. New TD, CH Calico's American Beauty owned by Karen Balinski of Kenosha, WI.

Second up was an Irish Water Spaniel, owned by Ruth Bruskiewitz of Madison, WI. CH Kendall's Spice Girl worked her way along the track, hesitating a bit at two corners, but leading her handler to the glove for her TD.

Next up was certainly our cutest dog of the day, a tiny Pomeranian who took her time working carefully down the track to earn her TD. This track was made more interesting by the fact that her tracklayer, Shula, is from the UK, having come over for the specialty. She wanted to learn about tracking, and volunteered to lay track. We were all thrilled for her when the dog passed on her track, and hope she will continue with her plans to get a tracking group started up in England. The Pom's owner, Victoria Leitner of Waltonville, IL, was pleased to annouce that Courbette's Curtain Call is now the only living Pomeranian with a Tracking title!

Our 4th tracker was not so fortunate. The German Shepherd started nicely, got to the 3rd corner, indicated the turn, then inexplicably turned and backtracked all 50 yards to the previous leg and from there off the track.

The 5th track was run by a Portuguese Water Dog, owned by Deb Zorn of Prospect Heights,IL. CH Encanto Brilhante Esperanza, CDX, AX, AXJ, added the TD to her list of titles with only a short deliberation at one turn.

Last up was the Golden Retriever whose owner did not think the dog was quite ready to run for the title. But run he did, to earn his TD is the shortest time of the day, his owner Marion Gabriel of Lemont, IL, trotting merrily behind! A New TD for Fireside Ghost Buster, JH!

We had some light showers and a bit of rain throughout the morning, but nothing too awful to contend with. The damp to wet grounds seemed to suit the dogs just fine! We finished our books, handed out awards and began taking pictures of the new title holders. As the last few pictures were being taken, the thunder began to rumble and almost as soon as the last picture was taken the skies opened up! The scramble for vehicles marked the official end to this successful test.

Thanks to the able capabilities and competence of the FSSA staff, Shawne Gamroth, Secretary, and the tracklayers, Terry, Corky, Leo and Shula,(sorry I didn't get any last names!) this was a fun test to work. Thanks for the opportunity!

Terri Everwine
Barrington, IL

2003 FSSA National Specialty Sweepstakes

  • Sweepstakes, Dogs 6 to 9 months
    1. Promenade Punchline. Jane & William F. Schildman.
    2. Promenade Perfect Gentleman. Jane & William F. Schildman.
    3. Nautica’s Wheeler Dream Dancer. Margaret Shields.
  • Sweepstakes, Dogs 9 to 12 months
    1. Gooseberry’s More Than Enough. Suzanne Fernau.
    2. Gooseberry T’World Isn’t Enuf. Suzanne Fernau & Wyn Overholt. Agent: Kylie Jo Hirschy
    3. Gooseberry’s Tough Enough TD. Terry Middleton. Agent: Karen Balinski.
    4. Arborfield Backatcha. Karin Cartwright.
  • Sweepstakes, Dogs 12 to 18 months
    1. Overlook’s Wide Open Spaces. Richard & Nancy Mittendorf & David & Helen Howard.
    2. Northaven Avalyde Honest Abe. Maxine Reed & Sarah Stebbins.
    3. CH Overlook’s There’s Your Trobl. Dennis MacDonald.
    4. Catera’s With A Little Luck. Valerie Hutchings.
  • Sweepstakes, Bitches 6 to 9 months
    1. Promenade Private Dancer. Jane & William F. Schildman.
    2. Nautica’s It’s All About Me. Patricia Brewer & Danielle K. Brewer.
    3. Nautica’s Red Hot Gossip. Danielle K. Brewer & Larry S. Young.
    4. Nautica’s Sirens Song. Corrine Dooley.
  • Sweepstakes, Bitches 9 to 12 months
    1. Gooseberry’s Enough About Me. Arlene Cohen.
  • Sweepstakes, Bitches 12 to 18 months
    1. Kaleidoscope’s Rising Sun. Patricia L. Williams.
    2. Catera’s Wouldn’t It Be Nice. Kristy Hill.
    3. Overlook’s Top Of The World. Tom & Brenda Croft.
    4. Arborfield She’s All That. Karin Cartwright.
  • Best in Puppy Sweepstakes
    Overlook’s Wide Open Spaces. Richard & Nancy Mittendorf & David & Helen Howard.

Best of Opposite Sex in Puppy Sweepstakes
Promenade Private Dancer. Jane & William F. Schildman


  • Sweepstakes, Veteran Dogs 7 to 9 years
  1. CH CT Calico’s Hot Pursuit Del Prado Can TDX. Becki Jo Hirschy & Ed Presnall.
  2. Maplesugar A Wish Come True. Karen Balinski. Agent: Kylie Jo Hirschy.
  3. CH Hilltops Avalyde Jolly Roger. Jennifer & Jeffrey Andrews.
  4. CH Maplesugar B Poetry N’Motion. Sue O’Brien.
  • Sweepstakes, Veteran Dogs 10 years & older
    1. CH Lydemoor Lincoln CD. Maxine Reed.
  • Sweepstakes, Veteran Bitches 7 to 9 years
    1. CH Calico’s Demolition Derby UDX SH. Becki Jo Hirschy.
    2. CH Calico’s Stuck With You CDX OA NAJ. Kristy Hill.
    3. CH C’Rose Flying High At Waterfield. Sally Herweyer.
    4. CH Maplesugar Carillon TD NAJ. D. Kay Klein.
  • Best in Veteran Sweepstakes
    CH CT Calico’s Hot Pursuit Del Prado Can TDX. Becki Jo Hirschy & Ed Presnall.
  • Best of Opposite Sex in Veteran Sweepstakes
    CH Calico’s Demolition Derby UDX SH. Becki Jo Hirschy