Yearbook Ad/Preorder Electronic Form using Paypal
Yearbook Ad/Preorder Snail Mail Form

Ad Costs

FSSA Member Advertiser Pages:
1-2 pages: $55 per page
3-5 pages: $50 per page
6+ pages: $45 per page
2 page spreads: +$20 per spread
Memorial pages: $30 per page
New Title Picture: $15 per picture

FSSA Non-Member Advertiser Pages:
1-2 pages: $70 per page
3-5 pages: $63 per page
6+ pages: $57 per page
2 page spreads: +$20 per spread
Memorial pages: $38 per page
New Title Picture: $19 per picture

Multiple Ad discounts - To receive this discount ALL ads MUST be under one kennel name. Ads with different Kennel Headings will be considered separate kennels and will be charged accordingly. In addition, to receive the discount all ads MUST be paid for by one party, in one payment.

2 page spreads - Two ads must face each other. If you must be guaranteed that your two page ads are facing each other this is considered a two page spread. There will be an additional charge of $20 per two page spreads. If you opt not to pay the $20 for the 2 page spread we can NOT guarantee the placement/order of your ads.

New Title Picture - Open to any Field Spaniel that earned an AKC title. One dog per picture allowed! No group photos! The charge is $15 per picture. Multiple titles can be listed under one picture.

Pre-ordered yearbooks - OPEN TO ADVERTISORS ONLY! This is a perk for advertising with us. You may pre-order discounted yearbooks equal to number of pages you purchased or a maximum of 5 yearbooks - whichever is less.

FSSA Yearbook Ad Requirements

Resolution: Minimum DPI 300

Color Mode: CMYK color. You can most certainly use RBG color however, the printers use CMYK, you ad will be converted to CMYK at press time. This conversion does not guarantee identical color matching. You ad colors may not look identical but they will look very close.

File Size Maximum: For PDF 50mgs maximum. For all other 50mgs. It may be possible to upload a file size greater than 50mgs but it may also be affected by connection speeds. Use of apps like Dropbox are recommended if you have large files. If you experience difficulties please contact Shawne Gamroth at

Full Page with Border: 2550 x 3300 pixels (maximum) image would be scaled down to fit onto page leaving a white border. Remember to keep text and important photos at least 1/4" (75 pixels) in away from your edges.

Full Page with Bleed: 2575 x 3375 pixels (8.75" x 11.25"). Text and/or any part of the photos or design must not be located 1/2" from the edge of the ad. Ads that are bled mean there is no white border seen. Instead there is a background image or background color. You still have margins and you must work within (away from the edges just like any other text document) if you want those images or text to be safe from being lost to page aligning and eventual page cutting during production.

Allowable File Formats: JPEG, PNG, PDF (PSD files can be sent to Shawne Gamroth, and will be converted to PDF for submission). All ads will be converted to PDFs but if you aren't familiar with doing so Shawne will do it for you. You do NOT want to compress images when converting to PDF. It will lower your image quality. When in doubt leave it for Shawne to do for you.

Pages will be in color but that does NOT mean an ad has to be "in color". There is no price difference between color and black & white ads.

Shawne is also willing to help people create their ads. Contact her as soon as possible to work out the details.

Tips: When resizing always start from the original image, not from a reduced (scaled down or lower DPI) version of it. The more you digitally manipulate photographs the more you degrade them.

Example: Original photo is 1300 x 1300 pixels. You have a downsized 'copy' of it which is 500 x 500 pixels. You want it to be only 100 x 100 pixels. Us the original, resize it to 100 x 100. Do not use the 500 x 500 reduced version. Also make sure your DPI is never less than the original. TIP: When going from large originals to something considerably smaller you can modify the DPI (resolution) from a lower number like 72 DPI to a higher number like 300 DPI for better resolution.

For Multiple Pages: Double page ads (2 pages sent as one, IE specifying a particular left or right side placement of first page of multiple pages) will NOT be accepted. In addition, we can NOT guarantee the order of your pages but will do our best to fulfill your wishes.

Please indicate in your 'file name' of your ads, your kennel name or first and last name and preference for order. Example: "Killara Ad page 1" "Killara Ad page 2".

Memorial Pages will appear in the Memorial section. If you wish your Memorial page be included with your grouping of ads then the regular ad price applies.

If not using Paypal - please mail order forms and payments to:

FSSA Yearbook
Karen Balinski
7037 Archway Dr. NE
Rockford, MI 49341

Please email any ads or Ad requirement questions to:
Shawne Gamroth at

If you have any other questions please email Karen Balinski at

Thank you!
Karen Balinski
& The FSSA Yearbook Committee