Field Spaniel Society of America 2021 National Specialty Show

Dedicated in memory of Lynn Finney (Bitterblue) and Ralph Alderfer (Pin Oak)

September 12 - 16, 2021
Purina Farms, Grey Summit, Missouri


9/12 Sunday Track Plotting

Tests will be on various properties in and around Sullivan, MO

9/13 Monday Tracking and Scent work

#2021390xxx - Tracking Tests (Five TD Tests) - Carl & Sharon Rosenkoetter (MO) (Pending AKC Approval)

#2021390xxx - Scent work (Interior and Containers) - Bonnie Gutzwiler (IL) (Pending AKC Approval)

9/14 Tuesday Agility Trial hosted by the Ibizan Hound Club of the US

#2021291617 - Agility - Michele Fletcher (TN) Live Streaming will be available for the agility trials via the Run4Fun Facebook Page

Judges Ed Presentation in the Large Conference room

Annual Club Meeting site at Purina TBD

9/15 Wednesday Companion Events and Sweepstakes

#2021390005 - Rally - Loretta Lazzara (IL)

#2021390004 - Obedience - Loretta Lazzara (IL)

#2021390006 - Four to Six Month Beginner Puppy - Sioux Forsyth-Green (NC)

#2021390013 - Sweepstakes Events - Sioux Forsyth-Green (NC)

#2021390007 - Junior Showmanship - Sioux Forsyth-Green (NC)

9/16 Thursday Conformation Events

#2021390007- Conformation Classes - Paula Nykiel (MO)

AKC National Owner-Handled * Series Points for Reserve * Available Pee Wees Special Attraction * Annual Banquet in the Founders Room at Purina

9/17 Friday Conformation Events

#2021569402- Gateway Sporting Dog Association - Judges TBD (Supported entry with Sweeps)

9/18 Saturday Conformation Events

#2021248401- Three Rivers Kennel Club of Missouri All Breed Show - Charles Trotter (Breed and Group)

9/19 Sunday Conformation Events

#202124802- Three Rivers Kennel Club of Missouri All Breed Show - Pat Trotter (Breed) Desmond Murphy (Group)


Welcome Bags

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Foy Trent Dog Shows, Superintendent
PO Box CSturgeon, MO 65284-0397
(573) 687-2101
Closing Date: Wednesday - August 25, 2021

Scent work Secretary
Rachal Sager
9361 Gildenfield Court
Henrico, Virginia 23294

Agility Secretary

HUNTING SWEEPSTAKES- Same requirements as entering the hunt class. There will one dog and one bitch class.
PUPPY SWEEPSTAKES- age will extend to 24 months so last year’s puppies can play too.
VETERANS SWEEPSTAKES & VETERAN CLASSES will have only 2 divisions by age.

HOST HOTEL: We have a small block of rooms booked at the Holiday Inn Six Flags under the same rates as in 2018. Just ask for the Field Spaniel Club rate.
RV RESERVATIONS: No online reservations. Purina Farms is sending a club-specific form.