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Letter from the National Committee:

To all of our members looking forward to this years national in Concord, NC:

We have taken steps to postpone our National Specialty given the situation regarding the Coronavirus and, more specifically, the event center announcing today that they are closing their doors through the end of April as a precaution.  Sadly, we have no choice in this matter.

As you know our event had already closed for entries and we are currently taking the immediate steps to get the cancellation in motion with our Superintendent, AKC, trial secretary, our judges, our external vendors, and any other moving parts to minimize our clubs financial loss from this situation.  With that said, our members and those that support our shows are important to us, so we have instructed our superintendant, AKC, and our trial secretary to make FULL refunds of entries paid.  Since this is a situation we have never faced so we are unsure of how or when those refunds will come to you at this moment.  However, our trial secretary was easily reached, as he is not so overwhelmed as the AKC and MBF, and he stated that those that paid via credit card will be refunded directly and the others will be mailed payment.  Once we hear how and when the other entries will be processed, we will update you all.

We have also spoken to the preferred hotel, the Wingate by Wyndham, which we had a room block at and, while they have cancelled our block, which should have trickled down to the individual rooms in the block it is important that you call them individually to cancel your room.  The importance of this is because if there was an error and your room was not placed in our block then it may not be cancelled already.  So please call the hotel just to be certain your room is cancelled.  You may find that your room is already cancelled, however.

WDI/WD/WDX entries and tracking workshop entries have not yet been cashed yet.  Within the next couple of days you will be receiving an email confirming we have your check and that it will be destroyed.  If you do not get an email by end of day Sunday that we destroyed your check, please contact  As for items that been purchased through the online store (banquet, catalogs, raffles, etc.) we are asking you to be patient on the status of those items until we announce the rescheduled dates.  We hope we are able to roll over as many reservations that support our national to the rescheduled event for this year.

As far as the all-breed shows and their entry fees... We can not be sure that entries will be refunded in whole or in part.  We hope that maybe in part at least.  But we want to add a note here that every show you enter you run the risk of losing entry money if something prevents the shows from taking place.  All-breed clubs take a lot of risk to put on such events for us and we have to respect that each club has different arrangements in place with their event centers and costs they have also incurred.  Everyone wants dog shows to survive and if clubs have their entire bank accounts wiped out because of events beyond their control then we won't have that luxury anymore.  So, please be patient and understand that we can't answer this question for you.  We assume that the cluster will have to look at what costs they have incurred before they consider what refunds they may make.  This cluster we work with is truly generous to us and we know that they would not just keep entry fees without critically looking at their losses and ability to continue a relationship with their vendors and site in order to be able to hold future events first and we think that for the future of all events this is an important piece here.  So, please be patient and understanding with them at this time.

Now, as for the FSSA losses... there WILL be financial losses over this.  However, we would hope that you will support the rescheduled event once we are able to announce those details.  Maybe we will break even this year, maybe we won't, but your support is key here because we WILL be having a 2020 National specialty.  We will begin working on piecing that together shortly.  As mentioned, we will be refunding FULL entries paid, but we will still have superintendent/secretary costs thus far that we are liable for, some vendors costs (to make adjustments for a future dated items), etc.  Many of our items had already gone to print.  We will return entry fees and we will be invoiced accordingly from those vendors so we will start the planning of this rescheduled event in the red.  We are very fortunate, however, that our costs are minimized for this specific Concord specialty.  The all-breed club has never charged us for space rental, banquet space, etc.  These can be huge (and non-refundable) expenses for any club holding an event and we have never been required to pay them for this particular national.  So it could be worse and we are fortunate for that.

We hope we were able to answer most of your questions in this email.  Please direct any questions you may have to so we can keep them all in one place.  Please stay tuned for the reschedule event details, we just need a bit more time to cross check dates, etc before we announce it.