Ch Winfarthing's All That Jazz, ThD, aka "Ramsey"
Owner: Gail Wolfe
Nominated by Shirley Sherman
Breeder: Peter Archer

I would like to nominate Ramsey (with owner, Gail Wolfe) for the 2012 Service Dog of the year Award. Gail began Reading to Dogs visits with her Field Spaniel, Rosie, who died in 2010, just 8 visits shy of the 50 documented visits needed for her TDIA title.  Gail puts her heart into everything she does and wanted to continue working with inner-city children who benefit so dramatically from these visits.  Ramsey's laid-back demeanor and 'soft' personality make him a perfect candidate, and he passed his Therapy Dog test in December of 2010 to begin his journey with Gail.  They make weekly visits to inner-city schools where the kids have, not only reading difficulties, but behavioral problems as well.  The calming effect the dogs have on the kids is truly amazing.  In fact, one mother said the only reason he son wanted to come to school on Mondays was because the dogs were there.

Ramsey gets so excited when he knows they are going on one of their visits to schools. nursing homes and hospitals, and Gail says his tail NEVER stops wagging.  In May 2012, Ramsey and Gail event got involved with 2-day visits to St. Vincent's College (PA) during final exams week.  Gail says the dogs help de-stress the college students, who miss family and their own dogs.  Gail feels strongly that every dog has a purpose, and Ramsey has found his in Therapy Dog programs.  "Whether it's the joy he brings to people in hospitals or nursing homes (not only to the patients, but the staff as well) or giving confidence to children at schools and libraries enabling them to become better readers", Gail says "Ramsey has found his forever 'job."

I am impressed by Gail's dedication and the love she puts into her Therapy Dog work.  And I am extremely proud to nominate RAMSEY for the 2012 Service Dog of the Year Award.