Kare-Dawn's Krewe of Devin, aka "Rosebud"
Owner: Lisa Perrodin
Nominated by Sandra Burt-Jones
Breeders: Sandra Burt-Jones

"Kare-Dawn's Krewe of Devin", (better known to her family as "Rosebud"), has been performing services as a therapy dog, and special need companion to the family of an 8-year old autistic boy, (Devin), since she was a puppy.  The child had an enormous fear of dogs, cats, and various domestic animals before "Rosebud" came into his life.  She has not only helped him overcome so many of his fears, but her calm and soothing nature also assists in keeping him relaxed and focused in stressful situations.  Devin's speech, (before her arrival), had been very vague and hard to understand when he would try to communicate with anyone.  Now, with Rosebud's assistance, he is forming small sentences, answering questions, and communicating he needs more efficiently.  She is his alarm clock for school days as well.  Her tender encouragement gets him up in the mornings, without any tantrums or meltdowns.
There is a very special bond that has been woven in their relationship.  It is a special kind of communication that they use between each other, which is amazing to witness, and life-changing to them both.  There have been many dogs that show a high degree of intelligence and loyalty that is above normal standards, but 'this' field spaniel has a very special and unique gift.  Not only has she changed one boy's life, but she shines to all who meet her.  At school functions, social gatherings. etc., Rosebud has that special ability to find those who are lacking in a significant area, and make them feel loved, accepted, and adored.  She possesses a rare 'magnetism' that few can come close to attaining.  She is not only a God-send, but a very special dog - with a very special job. We are extremely proud of Rosebud's accomplishments, and look forward to even more outstanding service from her in the future.  She is truly deserving of such a wonderful honor.